Influencer Products: What’s Really Worth the Hype?

Influencers have become exceedingly more popular in the mist of the pandemic. They have become my go to spot to find all the best products for the best prices. I have purchased several products that they have pushed. Some I love and some were not my cup of tea. Here are the first six products that I have tried and what I thought about them.

Loopy Phone Cases

Worth the Hype? Yes! I love my Loopy Case. The loop is so much easier to hold onto and the rubbery texture keeps it from sliding off the bed whenever I toss it on there. I had an otter box case and my screen cover broke the day after I got it. I dropped my phone several times a day with the otter box but I haven’t dropped it once in the few weeks that I’ve had the Loopy Case. The loop even seems to keep it from falling out of my pocket (if you’re a girl, you know the problem of small pockets and big phones).

Worth the Price? Not exactly. You can tell that it is made out of cheap material, but the shape of it is more of what matters. It wraps around the screen in a way that keeps the tempered glass from touching the ground when dropped face down. I recommend using a discount code from an influencer. Both Krista Horton and Laura Beverlin have discount codes listed on there websites that you can use.

Would I buy again? Absolutely! I will probably never buy a different phone case again.

Fit Track Scale

Worth the Hype? Yes. I am able to track when I loose fat, vs just water weight, or when I gain muscle and not fat. It really helps me know what is working and what isn’t in my diet and fitness routines.

Worth the Price? Yes. For what it does, it’s fairly cheap. For what you pay, you can’t expect it to be perfect. But unless your doctor is keeping track of all these metrics, it’s probably your best bet. Make sure to find a coupon code to purchase it with! If you can’t find one, message me on Instagram and I’ll find one for you! I think I was able to get mine half off.

Would I buy it again? Yes. They make another version that has a pregnancy mode so it can track your pregnancy. I plan to upgrade to that one whenever we start a family.

Native Deodorant

Worth the Hype? Big fat NO. I was actually allergic to it. I tried to get used to it for over a month but it caused terrible stinging and my skin was red and inflamed constantly. Just because something is labeled as “natural” does not mean it is good for you. Natural deodorants often times do not have aluminum, but they usually contain essential oils, baking soda, or other known irritants that react with the pH of your skin.

Worth the Price? For me no, but if you’re dead set on using a “natural” deodorant then maybe. Make sure you research what makes it “natural” before deciding on it.

Would I buy again? Never again…

Tula Skincare

Worth the Hype? YES! I used this leading up to my wedding and it made my skin look and feel amazing. I have tried to find cheaper drug store alternatives but nothing compares. I plan to do a full review on all the Tula products I use in a future post.

Worth the Price? YES. It is a hefty price but not as hefty as some other high quality skincare brands. It’s fairly easy to find 15% off coupons from influencers or if you sign up for email.

Would I buy it again? YES

Tarte Shape Tape/Face Tape

Worth the Hype? I’m going to be the odd one out here and say no. I was so disappointed with both the concealer and foundation. I’m only 25 and barely have any wrinkles yet, but it highlighted every slight wrinkle that I have. The worst part is that it felt SO heavy on my face, and felt like it never fully dried, even with setting powder

Worth the Price? No. Even if it did work for me, the elf cosmetics concealer is literally the same thing but a fraction of the cost (and you can buy it at Walmart). I have a hard time spending lots of money on things that I literally wash off at the end of the day.

Would I Buy Again? No

Billie Razor

Worth the Hype? Almost… It gives a very close shave, but it doesn’t make it last a week like some influencers have claimed. Two days are pushing it. HOWEVER, I have learned the key to the Billie Razor is the Billie shaving cream. I have never felt a shaving cream like this one. I left my skin so silky and smooth. If you use the Billie Razor with the Billie shave cream, you get a much longer lasting shave (like 4 or 5 days)!

Worth the Price? Absolutely. It is $9 for 4 razor blade replacements. It will be shipped to your door as often as you want it to be. I get mine delivered every two months (I try to change the blade every two weeks but lazy me ends up doing it every 3 weeks. The only downside i the price of the shave cream. It is more than double the price of what I used to buy.

Would I Buy Again? Yes! I will probably never buy an expensive razor ever again. I haven’t made my mind up yet on the shave cream. It’s great, but its pricey. I plan to search for other similar shave creams, but if I don’t find one that compares I’ll probably keep purchasing it.

Have you tried any of these products or others that influencers have pushed? Was my experience with these products the same or different than yours? Let me know in the comments!

What products should I try next?

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