Life Update: We bought our first home and got a puppy!

Many of you probably already know this from Instagram or Facebook, but for those that don’t, Chris and I are officially home owners! We rented for a year before getting to a place where we could buy, and also waiting for the right house to come along.

I saw a field of flowers near my parents house one day and wanted to take a picture but never did. My mom started driving around to find the flowers and BOOM she happened so see a for sale sign. It’s on the same street I grew up on, just a little further down the road. I never thought I would move back out there after living in the city but here we are!

The house is in the country with a barn, so there are many plans for chickens, pigs, goats and maybe even a cow. We also plan to have a large garden next summer. The property already has blackberries, an apple tree, a fig tree, and even chanterelle mushrooms. It really can’t get much better than that right? Wrong. The view in front of our house is fields of cows and distant mountains. Not to mention the HUGE trees where we plan to put rope swings😍. It is literally the most perfect spot for the life we want to build.

Chris and I both wanted a place to have a lifetime of projects. We plan to add a front porch, a second and maybe 3rd bathroom along with several more bedrooms. We also plan to move the kitchen to a completely new room. Eventually we’ll add a tiki hut in the backyard with an outdoor fireplace/pizza oven. Maybe even a pond? Like I said, a LIFETIME of projects.

So far, we have mostly been working on adding floor supports under the house, refinishing the floors, fixing some plumbing issues, electrical issues, and overall just getting it ready to move into.

Just look at the difference in color after the floor has been sanded!
Fixing things under the house is probably the worst part of the whole deal…

Pretty much everyone we’re related to has pitched in some way to help. They’ve helped us bush hog and mow the entire property (multiple times). Sand the floors, get the house cleaned out, helped me pack, helped with plumbing, electrical, and probably much more that I’m forgetting. We never expected all this amazing help and we can never thank these people enough.

We hope to finish refinishing floors this weekend. The next big hurtle: Moving in. We don’t have a set day that we’re moving so we can’t book a moving company. But we’re hoping to start borrowing people’s trucks and moving stuff ourselves this week!

I’ve been sharing almost daily updates on all of our renovations as well as taking polls on paint colors over on Instagram. Follow me there if you’re interested in seeing updates!

On another note, our first addition to this little farm is Oliver (aka Ollie). Chris has wanted to get a puppy for so long, and what’s a farm without a dog?

He is as adorable as he looks (or maybe more) and he has completely taken over my Instagram stories lately. All he wants are snuggles and tennis balls, and of course we happily give that to him🥰

Renovating a house while moving while getting a brand new puppy while still working our regular jobs is as stressful and sleep depriving as it sounds. But it is 100% worth it.

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