Fall Home Décor

**Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links that I could potentially make a commission from at no extra cost to you**

September is here! When all those fall items start showing up in stores I get so excited. I get bored easily with décor and colors, and love getting to spice things up in my home. The change in wardrobe, and those pumpkin spice and apple cider flavored things are my love language.

I typically don’t decorate for Halloween, only because I don’t like the typical Halloween colors and styles. I have nothing against the holiday, I just don’t find zombies all that cute. I also don’t decorate specifically for thanksgiving. I try to go with a general fall theme, that will last from September through November (or whenever I decorate for Christmas). I have a couple thanksgiving related items but nothing too crazy. If I’m being honest, I really don’t want the trouble of having to change the décor out the day after Halloween. And then you only get your “fall” décor for less than a month before you have to change it out for Christmas. I love my fall décor, so it’s going to be out as long as it can be!

I’ve typed up all the things I think about when shopping for Fall Décor and decorating. If you’re just here to see what stores have the best stuff this year, you can scroll down. Links to items are at the bottom of the photo.

Here are a few of my Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to fall décor…

Don’t feel like you have to buy enough fall décor for your home all in one year. Do buy a little at a time. Every year there will be new trends and new fall décor items that you will fall in love with and want. But if you buy enough décor for your whole house this year, you won’t have room for that cute wooden pumpkin next year. It also does not make practical sense to spend that kind of money all in one year. You have a lifetime to collect décor. There is no rush.

Do make a budget for yourself. It’s that time of year where you have to start saving money for Christmas gifts. Don’t spend a bunch of money on fall décor only to be broke when December 1st rolls around. Also, take into account how much money you will be spending on Christmas décor. Do you really want a $60 canvas print of a pumpkin? Or would you rather have some new Christmas stockings in a couple months?

Dont trash those receipts. You might love that tablecloth when you’re at Home Goods but 2 days later you realize that it does not match the rest of your décor. Or maybe you find the same tablecloth at another store, but it’s on sale. Buy the cheaper one, return the expensive one. Become best friends with those receipts. It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run.

Do think of what you have. Sure that wreath is cute, but does it match well with what you already have at home? A teal pumpkin covered wreath is not going to match well if everything else you have is orange. Either buy a few more teal fall items to throw around the room so the wreath blends in, or don’t get the wreath. It’s not going to be as cute when it doesn’t match your other fall décor.

Don’t feel like you have to get rid of your old décor just because it’s not on trend anymore. If you love it, keep it. It is your house after all…

Do think of where you might put something before you buy it. Hobby Lobby had a wooden fall sign that I’ve had my eye on for two years now. It was on sale so I finally got it this year but it came in two colors, white, and orange. I love the white, but my walls are white. White on white will blend in, so I went with the orange.

Same for this pumpkin pillow. I wanted pillows for my couch. Most stores have dark orange, purple or green pillows for fall. With my couch being brown, another dark color wouldn’t stand out. But since this pillow has a white base, it gives the room that pop of color and contrast that it needed.

Where To Shop:

Home Goods, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx

These three stores typically have the same or similar stuff. They also have different stuff depending on what location you go to. Marshall’s in Jones Valley has some of the best fall pillows I’ve seen. TJ Maxx has more Halloween costumes, and Home Goods has mostly beaded pumpkin pillows, solid color pillows (great when you want to add fall colors but don’t like the pumpkin trend), and lots of glass pumpkin décor. Home Goods also has a lot of tablecloths, dish towels, and napkins that can add a little bit of fall to your home.


You can NEVER go wrong at Kirkland’s for fall décor. Everything they have is super cute, and good quality. They have pillows, pumpkins, rugs, outdoor décor, even furniture with fall colors. The only problem is that it can be a bit pricey. I got three pillows for $100 (this was my *spurge* item for this season). Kirkland’s does have a lot of sales so I recommend checking things out online, where you can often find sales, either with coupon codes or signing up with email for 25% off.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is the ultimate winner always in my book. Like the Teal Pumpkin Trend? Go to Hobby Lobby. Like the Pumpkin Patch Trend? Hobby Lobby. Harvest Décor? Hobby Lobby. Don’t like any of the trends? You guessed it… Hobby Lobby has all the basics for you. They got rid of their famous 40% off coupon, but they still have great sales all the time. Most of their fall stuff was 40% off when I went, and you can find it 50% off a lot of times too (and you don’t have to wait until after fall to get those prices like other stores). I was also surprised to find a whole isle of fall crafts for kids.

Items from Hobby Lobby cannot be linked, but most can be found in your local store.


I was honestly disappointed with Target this year. They have catered to a specific style, and nothing else. Their décor style this year is very basic with lots of purples and whites, and whitewashed items. I’ve rounded up some of the best items and linked them below. The items are all very cute, but if this isn’t the style you like, there are not many other options at Target this year.


Walmart is always my favorite place to find the smaller items, like for a bookshelf or centerpiece. They have the best prices on fake pumpkins, wreaths, and filler items.


I have to include those amazon links cause who actually wants to leave the house these days anyways? Plus Amazon has some pretty good stuff this season.

You can probably tell by now that I love all things pumpkin. What are your favorite fall themed trends right now? Comment down below!

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