Apple Butter Recipe

Here it is! My apple butter recipe that everyone loves so much. The first year I made it I gave it out as Christmas gifts. This year I only made enough for the fire department because my pregnant self is far too tired to make it for everyone this year. Since I’m not giving it out, I thought I would at least give out the recipe for anyone who wants to make it! Click Here to View

Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin

It’s easy and it tastes great. Just click the button and make it already.

Mama’s Chili Recipe

It’s the first time the weatherman is calling for snow this year so I had to make chili in preparation. Even if the snow never comes we will be nice and warm by the fireplace with our chili!


Sweet and Spicy Jerky

Chris has been working on his jerky recipe off and on for years. He recently picked it back up when I got him a dehydrator for Christmas and perfected it. While most jerky recipes call for spices, ours is mostly fresh ingredients, which make a world of difference.


Apple Pie

Fun Fact: Pie’s were the way I stole my husband’s heart. Before we dated I would bring pies into work and when he ate my apple pie he knew I’d make him happy for the rest of his life;) He’s been asking me to make another one for a couple years now so I insisted on going to…

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